The Desert Rite of
The Most Ancient Order of the veSwI'pu qaptaQ
A Cenobitic tlhIngan Coterie Dedicated to the Art of War
The Most Ancient Order of the veSwI’pu qaptaQ is a tlhIngan organization which exists to study, experience and creatively role play tlhIngan characters in a variety of interactive situations within a common framework. The Order portrays itself as a spiritual coterie of warriors who have dedicated themselves to the tlhIngan ideals of Accuracy, Straightforwardness, Aggressiveness, Strength and Secrecy.

Primarily the focus of the qaptaQ is the exploration of the political, cultural, and spiritual lives of that most noble of races, the warriors of the tlhIngan wo’, as well as the history of the wo’ as portrayed in the various embodiments of HovDaq leng.

In the fictional sense the qaptaQ exists as a body independent of the conventional tlhIngan government and it’s QI’. The Order is not beholden to any political dynasty, and has survived the rise and fall of many Imperial power structures. As a result of this status, the Order and its members do not always respond to situations in accordance with known tlhIngan foreign policy.

Most members of the qaptaQ have served or currently serve in one of the QI’ divisions, the Order itself is not a part of the QI’. Many people are used to hearing tlhInganpu’ using QI’ titles and ranks, which are easily translated. The ranks and titles of the qaptaQ are not as easily translated but may all be grouped together under the banner of veSwI’ which can be viewed as Knight, “Warrior Monk” or Herald of the Art of War. There are fewer ranks within the qaptaQ than in the QI’ because the rewards of this path are more personal than many external signs can represent.

While the qaptaQ agrees with other tlhIngan organizations that the primary purpose of membership is and must remain to have fun, we have two key points, which we feel are vital to that sense of fun.

First, it is being tlhIngan is fun. There have been many portrayals of tlhInganpu’ in books, movies, comics and of course on television. We strive to reasonably portray tlhIngan characters as they have been portrayed, not to re-imagine them as a politically correct vision of what tlhInganmey should or could be. Second, anarchy is not fun. Our members like to enjoy ourselves and socialize, but the organization does maintain some rules, which are designed to strengthen our organization not to strangle the membership.

Speculatively the qaptaQ has, as its origins a rich pre-history extrapolated from the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th centuries portrayed in the various incarnations of HovDaq leng. In addition, the qaptaQ owes much of its support to a series of original works authored by our members. Such works often depict periods far back in time, before the mighty race known as thlInganpu’ had developed space flight or even a common cultural identity. The factual origins of the qaptaQ are deeply rooted in the fandom of tlhInganpu’ which has evolved around HovDaq leng in all its forms. The qaptaQ way of life is summarized by the ancient principle of nal komerex khesterex: That which does not grow, withers and dies.
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Ford la'pIn'a' nger, batlh Daqawlu’taH